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Farthest Point from Callao, Peru

Estimated population of 876,877, - scroll down to which country and city is farthest from Callao, Peru. Remember the furthest point (i.e. the antipode) is likely to be in the ocean somewhere, so when considering which point is the farthest away, you need to really look at cities. We provide information for the farthest cities with populations of a hundred thousand and a million people as well as all capital cities, as well as the country that is farthest away.

Furthest Cities (Population 100k+)

CityDistance (km)
Bat Dambang, Cambodia19,883
Seam Reab, Cambodia19,830
Phnom Penh, Cambodia19,804
Pattaya, Thailand19,793
Bangkok, Thailand19,707

Furthest Cities (Population 1,000,000+)

CityDistance (km)
Bat Dambang, Cambodia19,883
Phnom Penh, Cambodia19,804
Bangkok, Thailand19,707
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam19,601
Yangon, Myanmar19,128

Furthest Capital Cities

CityDistance (km)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia19,804
Bangkok, Thailand19,707
Vientiane, Laos19,347
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia19,012
Hanoi, Vietnam18,961

Furthest City to: 83 Cities

CityDistance (km)
Pattaya, Thailand19,793
Bangkok, Thailand19,707
Nonthaburi City, Thailand19,697
Pak Kret, Thailand19,696
Mergui, Myanmar19,570
Dawei, Myanmar19,475
Yangon, Myanmar19,128
Pathein, Myanmar19,005
Rajendranagar, India18,073
Chandan Nagar, India18,057
Baleshwar, India18,034
Puri, India18,014
Bhubaneswar, India17,992
Baripada, India17,990
Cuttack, India17,989
Brahmapur, India17,934
Mango, India17,893
Jamshedpur, India17,893
Adityapur, India17,888
Srikakulam, India17,881
Raurkela, India17,807
Raurkela Industrialship, India17,802
Sambalpur, India17,762
Raigarh, India17,688
Jagdalpur, India17,666
Kapra, India17,618
Korba, India17,602
Bilaspur, India17,561
Raipur, India17,548
Durg-Bhilai Nagar, India17,526
Bhilai Nagar, India17,526
Durg, India17,517
Singrauli, India17,504
Rajnandgaon, India17,496
Gondiya, India17,431
Chandrapur, India17,365
Rewa, India17,365
Satna, India17,320
Murwara (Katni), India17,318
Kamptee, India17,313
Jabalpur, India17,307
Nagpur, India17,304
Wardha, India17,270
Chhindwara, India17,256
Yavatmal, India17,233
Damoh, India17,229
Banda, India17,229
Amravati, India17,181
Sagar, India17,165
Achalpur, India17,144
Akola, India17,111
Lalitpur, India17,095
Vidisha, India17,089
Jhansi, India17,073
Bhopal, India17,063
Burhanpur, India17,016
Khandwa, India17,011
Guna, India16,995
Shivapuri, India16,991
Dewas, India16,943
Indore, India16,933
Ujjain, India16,909
Kota, India16,837
Ratlam, India16,832
Mandsaur, India16,807
Neemuch, India16,773
Godhra, India16,711
Vejalpur, India16,708
Vadodara, India16,682
Udaipur, India16,657
Anand, India16,652
Nadiad, India16,639
Gandhinagar, India16,602
Ahmedabad, India16,601
Ghatlodiya, India16,595
Kalol, India16,586
Mahesana, India16,563
Palanpur, India16,551
Patan, India16,530
Surendranagar Dudhrej, India16,516
Morvi, India16,434
Gandhidham, India16,358
Bhuj, India16,307

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