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Farthest Point from Rio Grande, Brazil

Estimated population of 178,454, - scroll down to which country and city is farthest from Rio Grande, Brazil. Remember the furthest point (i.e. the antipode) is likely to be in the ocean somewhere, so when considering which point is the farthest away, you need to really look at cities. We provide information for the farthest cities with populations of a hundred thousand and a million people as well as all capital cities, as well as the country that is farthest away.

Furthest Cities (Population 100k+)

CityDistance (km)
Nagasaki, Japan19,821
Sasebo, Japan19,805
Isahaya, Japan19,802
Kagoshima, Japan19,771
Karatsu, Japan19,768

Furthest Cities (Population 1,000,000+)

CityDistance (km)
Fukuoka, Japan19,727
Gwangju, South Korea19,645
Busan, South Korea19,640
Ulsan, South Korea19,596
Daegu, South Korea19,574

Furthest Capital Cities

CityDistance (km)
Seoul, South Korea19,385
Pyongyang, North Korea19,205
Taipei, Republic of China19,026
Tokyo, Japan18,861
Hong Kong Sar, Hong Kong18,285

Furthest City to: 214 Cities

CityDistance (km)
Nagasaki, Japan19,821
Sasebo, Japan19,805
Isahaya, Japan19,802
Karatsu, Japan19,768
Yatsushiro, Japan19,767
Omuta, Japan19,759
Saga, Japan19,758
Kirishima, Japan19,755
Kumamoto, Japan19,748
Kurume, Japan19,738
Fukuoka, Japan19,727
Chikushino, Japan19,726
Kasuga, Japan19,726
Iizuka, Japan19,703
Kitakyushu, Japan19,673
Nobeoka, Japan19,667
Shimonoseki, Japan19,663
Beppu, Japan19,660
Oita, Japan19,651
Ube, Japan19,641
Busan, South Korea19,640
Yamaguchi, Japan19,609
Ulsan, South Korea19,596
Shunan, Japan19,592
Iwakuni, Japan19,554
Hatsukaichi, Japan19,534
Matsuyama, Japan19,526
Hiroshima, Japan19,522
Kure, Japan19,521
Higashihiroshima, Japan19,497
Imabari, Japan19,496
Saijo, Japan19,488
Niihama, Japan19,477
Mihara, Japan19,472
Kochi, Japan19,471
Onomichi, Japan19,462
Fukuyama, Japan19,445
Izumo, Japan19,435
Marugame, Japan19,419
Kurashiki, Japan19,407
Matsue, Japan19,407
Takamatsu, Japan19,396
Okayama, Japan19,391
Yonago, Japan19,390
Tokushima, Japan19,363
Tsuyama, Japan19,362
Himeji, Japan19,320
Tottori, Japan19,318
Kakogawa, Japan19,310
Wakayama, Japan19,304
Akashi, Japan19,302
Izumisano, Japan19,284
Kobe, Japan19,283
Kishiwada, Japan19,278
Izumi, Japan19,273
Sanda, Japan19,272
Nishinomiya, Japan19,269
Takarazuka, Japan19,265
Amagasaki, Japan19,264
Sakai, Japan19,264
Itami, Japan19,262
Kawachinagano, Japan19,261
Kawanishi, Japan19,259
Ikeda, Japan19,258
Matsubara, Japan19,258
Osaka, Japan19,257
Osaki, Japan19,257
Tondabayashi, Japan19,257
Toyonaka, Japan19,256
Habikino, Japan19,254
Minoh, Japan19,254
Suita, Japan19,253
Yao, Japan19,252
Higashiosaka, Japan19,250
Moriguchi, Japan19,250
Kadoma, Japan19,248
Daito, Japan19,246
Neyagawa, Japan19,244
Ikoma, Japan19,241
Takatsuki, Japan19,241
Hirakata, Japan19,240
Kashihara, Japan19,240
Nara, Japan19,232
Uji, Japan19,224
Kyoto, Japan19,221
Otsu, Japan19,214
Kusatsu, Japan19,205
Higashiomi, Japan19,180
Matsusaka, Japan19,173
Tsu, Japan19,170
Hikone, Japan19,169
Nagahama, Japan19,162
Ise, Japan19,161
Suzuka, Japan19,157
Yokkaichi, Japan19,151
Kuwana, Japan19,142
Ogaki, Japan19,135
Fukui, Japan19,133
Handa, Japan19,127
Inazawa, Japan19,126
Tokai, Japan19,125
Ichinomiya, Japan19,122
Gifu, Japan19,120
Nagoya, Japan19,118
Kariya, Japan19,117
Nishio, Japan19,117
Kakamigahara, Japan19,114
Komaki, Japan19,113
Anjo, Japan19,112
Kasugai, Japan19,110
Okazaki, Japan19,104
Seto, Japan19,101
Toyota, Japan19,101
Komatsu, Japan19,096
Tajimi, Japan19,093
Toyohashi, Japan19,092
Toyokawa, Japan19,091
Hakusan, Japan19,081
Kanazawa, Japan19,071
Takaoka, Japan19,032
Iida, Japan19,027
Toyama, Japan19,020
Matsumoto, Japan18,983
Hofu, Japan18,958
Kofu, Japan18,958
Ueda, Japan18,953
Nagano, Japan18,946
Saku, Japan18,941
Joetsu, Japan18,916
Takasaki, Japan18,895
Hachioji, Japan18,894
Ome, Japan18,893
Akishima, Japan18,889
Hino, Japan18,887
Maebashi, Japan18,887
Tachikawa, Japan18,885
Tama, Japan18,884
Iruma, Japan18,882
Fuchu, Japan18,880
Kokubunji, Japan18,880
Isesaki, Japan18,879
Sayama, Japan18,879
Higashimurayama, Japan18,878
Kodaira, Japan18,878
Fukaya, Japan18,877
Koganei, Japan18,877
Sakado, Japan18,876
Tokorozawa, Japan18,876
Higashikurume, Japan18,873
Mitaka, Japan18,873
Nishitokyo, Japan18,873
Musashino, Japan18,871
Kawagoe, Japan18,870
Kumagaya, Japan18,870
Fujimino, Japan18,869
Niiza, Japan18,868
Fujimi, Japan18,867
Asaka, Japan18,866
Kiryu, Japan18,864
Konosu, Japan18,862
Ageo, Japan18,859
Saitama, Japan18,859
Toda, Japan18,858
Ashikaga, Japan18,857
Kawaguchi, Japan18,854
Kazo, Japan18,853
Nagaoka, Japan18,853
Kuki, Japan18,850
Soka, Japan18,847
Kasukabe, Japan18,846
Sano, Japan18,846
Koshigaya, Japan18,845
Koga, Japan18,842
Misato, Japan18,841
Nagareyama, Japan18,837
Noda, Japan18,836
Sanjo, Japan18,834
Kashiwa, Japan18,830
Oyama, Japan18,829
Kanuma, Japan18,823
Toride, Japan18,823
Chikusei, Japan18,814
Tsukuba, Japan18,814
Niigata, Japan18,813
Tochigi, Japan18,812
Utsunomiya, Japan18,812
Tsuchiura, Japan18,804
Shibata, Japan18,789
Nasushiobara, Japan18,781
Ibaraki, Japan18,773
Mito, Japan18,770
Aizuwakamatsu, Japan18,766
Hitachinaka, Japan18,764
Hitachi, Japan18,746
Koriyama, Japan18,736
Fukushima, Japan18,709
Iwaki, Japan18,708
Tsuruoka, Japan18,707
Sakata, Japan18,695
Yamagata, Japan18,694
Sendai, Japan18,653
Akita, Japan18,626
Ishinomaki, Japan18,611
Ichinoseki, Japan18,598
Oshu, Japan18,585
Hanamaki, Japan18,573
Morioka, Japan18,552
Hirosaki, Japan18,543
Aomori, Japan18,510
Hachinohe, Japan18,479
Hakodate, Japan18,445
Tomakomai, Japan18,328
Obihiro, Japan18,206
Kushiro, Japan18,125

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