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11 Amazing Experiences Every Traveler Should Try in Europe

Looking for amazing things to do in Europe but don’t know where to start? These ideas should get the inspiration flowing!

Travelers, by nature, are adventurous, curious people who are always on the hunt for great experiences that make them feel alive. And is there anywhere better than Europe to get your kicks? It’s such a diverse continent filled with rich culture, incredible landscapes, and fascinating people – the perfect ingredients for non-stop, jaw-dropping experiences.

But because it’s so diverse and overflowing with amazing experiences – everything from foodie delights to ocean endeavours – it’s difficult to know where to even start. To get the cogs whirring, here are a range of great activities that every traveler should tick off their list.

Learn to cook in Italy

Let’s start nice and easy.

Italy is well-known for serving some of the best food in the world, from crisp pizzas oozing with cheese to fiery pastas and creamy sauces. Every restaurant in the country is a flurry of flavours and fresh ingredients grown amongst the beautiful scenery.

So what better place is there, really, to learn how to cook? Imagine if you could recreate that delicious meal you had in the vineyards of Tuscany at home, instantly transporting you back to the lazy lifestyle of Italia.

Find a fiesta in Spain

Spain is the country of fiestas. Life is one big party and there seems to be a festival or event taking place every other weekend.

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, try the annual La Tomatina festival which takes place in the narrow streets of Buñol. The quaint architecture of the town doesn’t stay that way for long, though, as hordes of visitors cover the pastel facades in bright red tomato juice in the biggest food fight in the world.

If you’re feeling a little more daring, then the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona might just be the fiesta for you – if you like being chased down narrow streets by angry bulls, that is. It’s certainly adrenalin-pumping and it’ll definitely be an experience you’ll never forget.

Museum crawl in Paris

Ah Paris, the art capital of the world, home to the planet’s most famous galleries and museums. It’s here that tourists flock to catch a quick glimpse of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and wander the vast halls of the Louvre, but there are so many other cultural institutions dotted throughout the city.

Whether you’re a contemporary art lover, a classic admirer, or simply on the hunt for a good old masterpiece, then there’s a museum trail in Paris for you.

Gorge on the sunshine in the Greek Islands

If you’ve seen the film Mamma Mia I’d put money on you having an ‘I want to go to Greece now’ moment about one-third of the way in. I don’t blame you. The Greek Islands are absolutely magical, tucked away in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. They’re flanked by white sands, blue waters, and serve up a boatload of fresh, delicious food.

Even better still? It’s warm for most of the year, providing the ideal backdrop for a beach break. The popular islands like Crete, Corfu, and Santorini are great, but I’d also recommend hopping to a few lesser-known spots like Naxos and Kefalonia.

Drive the Transfagarasan in Romania

Let’s head east now, to the beautiful country of Romania. Sure, it’s probably most popular for its vampire folklore, but it also boasts some incredible scenery.

If you’re looking for amazing views and want to feel like you’re on top of the world, grab a car and drive the along the Transfaragasan, a seriously windy road that takes in mountains, valleys, and a few of the highest viewpoints in the country.

Experience the pedal-power of Amsterdam

Amsterdam – a traveler’s hotspot for a number of reasons. Besides its abundance of legal coffee shops, charming canals, and the vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam is also a cyclist’s idea of heaven. Locals use bicycles as their main form of transport, dipping over bridges and sneaking through narrow alleyways, and the majority of roads have designated cycle paths.

Hiring a bike is a great way to see the city at a slower pace, blending in with the crowds and getting lost amongst the quirky shops and flower markets.

Mask up in Venice

Much like Amsterdam, Venice is hiked up on a network of quaint canals and boasts an intricate labyrinth of plazas and cobbled streets. Its island-like feel and impressive, domed architecture instantly make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, transported to an era of high, white wigs and long, flowing frocks. So make the most of it!

If you can’t visit during the Venice Festival which takes place in February every year, make sure you don up in Baroque attire and attend one of the numerous masked balls that take place throughout the city most weeks.

Cruise the Danube

Contrary to popular opinion, the Danube isn’t just an Austrian Waltz. It is, in fact, a beautiful river that meanders through Central Europe, taking in the urban sights of Budapest, the regal architecture of Vienna, the youthful vibe of Belgrade, and the tiny city of Bratislava (amongst many other fascinating places). If you’re looking to explore this region at quick-speed, then a cruise fits the bill. Plus, you’ll float past incredible green scenery that characterises the rural parts of Central Europe.

Stay up all night in Berlin

The gritty underground vibe of Berlin has drawn in millions of visitors every year. Besides its rich history and array of cultural monuments (which are also worth a visit), the city is most famed for its all-night party scene.

On the weekends, it is not unusual for Berliners to head out on a Friday night for a few drinks with friends and not return home until somewhere after lunchtime on Sunday. If this sounds right up your street, book a flight now and worry about the cost later when you’re three drinks down in a five-storey super club.

Hit the hiking trails in Austria

The hills are alive with the sound of music, right? Very true, actually – the mountain scenery in Austria is so green and picturesque that it wouldn’t seem out of place for it to suddenly start singing. With oodles of hiking trails taking in a range of terrains and views, the Austrian countryside is the idyllic place for walking enthusiasts, as well as those who simply want the beauty of nature to take their breath away.

Champagne tasting in… Champagne

France is, without a doubt, the world’s favourite wine tasting spot in Europe. It’s filled with cute vineyards and takes its role as an alcohol connoisseur very seriously. And then there’s Champagne, a picturesque region surrounded by rural beauty in the heart of France that produces the best bubbly in the world. Why would you not want to drink Champagne in Champagne, even if it’s just so you can say those words to your friends back home?

Whatever you decide to get up to in Europe you’ll have the time of your life because there are amazing experiences to be had around every corner. So, what are you waiting for?! Get that check list out and start ticking things off.

Have you tried any of these amazing experiences in Europe? Have any more to add?

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