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I left home eight and a half years ago to travel around the world for what I thought would be three years. I somehow ended up living a year in Melbourne, Australia, almost three years in Christchurch, New Zealand, and a year in Victoria, BC, Canada. In between I traveled slowly, but extensively. Just when I thought I’d go home and settle down for a bit, I ended up living in London working for one of the biggest online travel agencies there is. Needless to say travel holds my heart and when I finish my current trip around the world, I will have been to roughly thirty countries (“only” ten on this trip, though, seven of them for the first time). My first passion is, and always has been, writing. When I get back to Europe, I will continue to work on my freelance career, keep writing my own blogs and publish a novel one of these days, all whilst living on a houseboat, because settling down is not for me.


Stretch Your Money Farther with These Budget Travel Tips

By Anja / February 27, 2015

Most people don’t travel for extended periods, because they think it is expensive and the longer they stay away the higher the likelihood of not coming home to a job. In most countries companies have a rather limited holiday allowance for their employees. That alone prevents most people from travelling longer. So, unless you quit […]


Travel Workout – 10 Ways To Stay Fit When Traveling

By Anja / February 16, 2015

Quick Navigation Walk Use your hotel’s fitness room Stretch those muscles Rent a bicycle Follow the mountain’s call Know your exercises Holiday activities You are what you eat Skip that beer Drink water Ah, the holidays, time to be a slouch and indulge in most delicious meals, preferably three times a day. You earned it, […]


Magical Ireland – 9 Tips for Travelling the Emerald Isle

By Anja / February 16, 2015

Quick Navigation Some practical stuff before you leave When to travelWhat to bringPlan ahead Some practical stuff for when you’re thereHow to get aroundWhere to eatHow to save money on foodOne more thingThe most important stuffWhere to go?Consider these places too Ireland is one of those mystical destinations everyone has a faint idea about, but […]


Gap Travel – 5 Countries you can Visit on a College Budget

By Anja / February 12, 2015

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a wealthy student. Well, perhaps there are some who have the benefit of coming from a wealthy family, but most of us never had much money during our university years. Recently I’ve been wondering, why I didn’t start this whole travel thing earlier than I did, but […]


5 Tried and Tested Travel Packing Tips – So You Can Pack Smarter and Travel Lighter

By Anja / February 10, 2015

Quick Navigation 1. Travel with the seasons2. Invest in technical clothes3. Be organized and compartmentalize4. Roll your clothes5. Read travel packing hack lists Let’s face it: we dread nothing more than packing for a trip. It doesn’t matter what kind of trip you’re going on, packing is always the most challenging part.So many of us […]


Why You Should Travel Solo At Least Once

By Anja / February 5, 2015

And I’m not talking about taking a weekend trip by yourself to the next biggest city you can think of. No, I am talking travelling by yourself, out into the world to see its wonders and have an experience that will leave you forever changed. You don’t think you have what it takes? You don’t […]


When in Rome… or How Not To Embarrass Yourself In Foreign Countries

By Anja / February 2, 2015

It might be the hottest day of the year, but if you expect to get into St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome just wearing a tank top and the skimpiest shorts you could find in your suitcase, you are out of luck. You don’t need to put on your Sunday’s best, but Christendom’s most important church […]