Find The Farthest City On Earth From Anywhere Else.

Have you ever wondered what cities are furthest away? What Country really is on the opposite side of the world to you? Use Furthest City to search any world city with a population of over 100k.

Furthest City has identified and analyzed over four thousand cities with a population of over 100k. For detailed information on the methodology and sources used, please refer to the About page above. Interesting statistics and facts can be found on every single page on this site, click around and enjoy your global journey.

I live in Tokyo, Japan and the furthest point from me is Criciúma, Brazil - a distance of 11,721 miles.

Find out the furthest point from you by selecting your country and closest town or city and then clicking search.

Furthest Cities - furthest from the most cities

City # of Cities Population of Cities
Tauranga, New Zealand 300 173.1 million
Dunedin, New Zealand 281 97.2 million
Lower Hutt, New Zealand 280 92.6 million
Rio Grande, Brazil 214 63.5 million
Perth, Australia 179 60.4 million
Honolulu (HI), United States of America 175 89.6 million
Vacoas - Phoenix, Mauritius 135 45.9 million
Talcahuano, Chile 1,230 59.0 million
Ica, Peru 122 43.4 million
Mar del Plata, Argentina 110 72.4 million

Furthest Cities - population 1,000,000+

City # of Cities Population of Cities
Auckland, New Zealand 1,101 498.4 million
Santiago, Chile 450 223.7 million
Lima, Peru 422 187.5 million
Porto Alegre, Brazil 258 91.7 million
Perth, Australia 212 73.3 million
Antananarivo, Madagascar 172 57.1 million
Montevideo, Uruguay 137 86.6 million
Córdoba, Argentina 133 78.2 million
Santa Cruz, Bolivia 111 105.1 million
Rosario, Argentina 99 129.8 million
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