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What is the world's "Furthest City"?

If by "Furthest City", you mean which city of 100,000 or more is furthest from the most cities of 100,000 or more, the answer is Tauranga, New Zealand that is the furthest city from 298 other cities representing a population of over 173 million. If we narrow this down to cities of 1 million or more, the answer becomes Auckland, New Zealand which is furthest from 1,101 cities over 100,000 representing over 498 million people.

What constitutes a city?

For the purposes of this site, the definition of a city is based on the United Nations Statistics Division definition of a locality with legally fixed boundaries and an administratively recognized urban status that is usually characterized by some form of local government. In addition, this site only includes cities with a population of 100,000 or more. FurthestCity has identified over four thousand cities for inclusion on this site.

Where does your population data come from?

Population data is primarily sourced from the United Nations Statistical Division's " Population of capital cities and cities of 100,000 and more inhabitants " report. For jurisdictions with incomplete data (for instance China), population data was supplemented with data from City Population, and Wikipedia.

Why are there some cities on this site with a population under 100,000?

FurthestCity's database also includes all capital cities, regardless of size. For the purpose of analyses, however, capital cities with populations under 100,000 have been excluded in all categories except for "Furthest Capital City".

How are city locations determined?

Given that cities can occupy significant areas, the city locations used generally represent a point in the downtown core as identified by the Google Maps API. Batch geocoding was performed using (a service driven by the Google Maps API). On occasion, Geocodes have been updated to reflect more accurate information.

How do you calculate distances between cities?

Distances between cities were calculated using Vincenty'sinverse formula for ellipsoids.

"Farthest" vs. "furthest" - which is grammatically correct?

Traditionally, farther and farthest were used in referring to physical distance:

...the falls were still two or three miles farther up the path.

Further and furthest were restricted to figurative or abstract senses:

...we decided to consider the matter further.

Though farther and farthest are still restricted to measurable distances, further and furthest are now common in both senses:

...put those plants the furthest from the window.

I found an error, who should I contact?

We appreciate all help in identifying errors on this site. Please contact us at with any errors. If the error is with respect to a city population or to a city inclusion / exclusion in the data, please provide a citable source in your email.

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