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Which Country is Farthest South

Most people assume that the Country furthest South is Antarctica. While it is the most southerly continent and the most southerly point of land on the planet it isn't actually a country.

Due to the signing of the 1959 Antarctic peace treaty, the can never be any soverign claims on this continent, meaning that it isn't and will never be a country.

The actual country that is farthest south is Chile. It's long narrow spine extends down to the 56th degree.

There are many other remote, desolate icy islands that encircle Antarctica that have become overseas territories of many countries, but are not independent themselves, so really they cannot be classified as a Country.

Which Country is Farthest North

Three Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden, and Finland all extend up well into the arctic circle, but Norway takes the crown for the country that is farthest north. In addition to the mainland of Norway, it also has sovereignty to the islands "Svalbard" which is further north in the Baltic Sea.

Which US City is Farthest South

The most southern city in the US is Kailua Kona on the Island of Hawaii. The southernmost city in Continental USA is Key West, Florida.

Which US City is Farthest North

Barrow, Alaska is the Northernmost city in the USA.

Which City in Louisiana is Farthest South

Pilottown (also known as Pilot Town) is a small community in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. It's considered the most farthest south town in Louisiana. It serves as a base for river pilots to guide ships across the bar and up and down the Mississippi.

Considering cities with a population of 100k or more, then New Orleans will be the city that is farthest south in Louisiana.

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